• Purdue Alpha Chapter Graduates


    Spring 2014

    Margaret Ramos-Miller, B.S. in Biology


    Fall 2013 

    Liliana Huerta, B.S. in Technology Leadership and Innovation


    Spring 2013

    Kathryn G. Stwalley,  B.S. in Behavioral Neuroscience


    Fall of 2012

    Izamar Ontiveros, B.A. in Political Science


    Spring of 2012

    Stephanie Nicole Campos, B.A. in Spanish and English

    Jamie Sanchez, B.A. in Movement and Sports Science

    Ginger Burton, B.Tech in Organizational Leadership and Supervision

    Alyssa Vasquez, B.S. in Movement and Sports Science

    Kristina Morgan, B.S. in Movement and Sports Science



    Fall of 2011

    Amelia Anel Mota, B.A. in Spanish and B.S. in Animal Agribusiness 

    Mariana De La Garza, B.A. in Political Science



    Spring of 2011

    Anna Maria Barajas, B.A. in Law and Society

    Afton Michelle Crewes, B.S in Aviation Technology concentration Aviation Management, minor OLS, Masters in Homeland Security


    Spring of 2010

    Dianacarolina Haro, B.A. in Law and Society

    Rhiannon Vela, B.A. in Orientational Leadership and Supervision


    Summer of 2008
    Lucila Cortez, B.A. in Organizational Leadership and Supervision


    Spring of 2009
    Tanya Montoya, B.A. in Spanish and Organizational Leadership and Supervision


    Spring of 2008
    Vanessa V. Reyes, Masters of Business Administration (MBA), B.S. Management
    Brenda Mata, B.S. Electrical Engineering Technology


    Fall of 2007
    Joselia Barrios, B.A. Spanish Languages and Literature
    Sandra Patino, B.S. Aviation Technology
    Lorena Seitz, B.S. Nursing


    Spring of 2007
    Susana Del Real Alvarez, B.S. Retail and Sales Management
    LaKara Rochester, B.S. Law and Society
    Christa A. Wessels, B.S. Animal Science, M.A. Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education (Ball State University, 2008)


    Fall of 2006
    Kimberley R. Gomez Negron, Assoc. in Veterinary Technology


    Spring of 2006
    Stephanie Gonzalez, B.A. English and Spanish Languages and Literature
    Maria Elena Munoz Del Real, B.S. Selling and Sales Management
    Griselda Ayala, B.S. Hotel and Tourism Management
    Gabriela Garcia, B.A. Psychology, Purdue Calumet


    Fall of 2005 
    Yasmin Fuentes, B.S. Hospitality and Tourism Management


    Spring of 2005
    Erica Guzman, B.S. Selling and Sales Management
    Adriana Garcia, B.S. Hospitality and Tourism Management and Nutrition


    Spring of 2004
    Leticia Nevarez, B.S. Hospitality and Tourism Management


    Fall of 2003
    Sanam Manji, B.S. Retail Management


    Spring of 2003
    Jeannette Englert, B.A. Spanish Language
    Diana Nevarez Rizvi, B.S. General Health Sciences

    Fall of 2002
    Bhavna Kaushal Thapar, B.S. Selling and Sales Management


    Spring of 2002
    Smyrna Rivera, B.S.N. Nursing, Purdue Calumet
    Luz Margarita Serrano, B.S. Organizational Leadership and Supervision
    Michele L. Ulloa, B.A. Law and Society, Minor Spanish and Psychology
    Bianca Mata Cano, B.S. General Health Sciences
    Maricela Garcia, B.S. Retail Management and Apparel Design and Technology
    Cynthia Santos, B.S. Industrial Engineering and Management, MBA Business Management (Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, 2009)

    Fall of 2001
    Anu Gupta, Doctor of Pharmacy
    Maria Lule, Doctor of Pharmacy
    Marisol Cisneros Schutte, Doctor of Pharmacy
    Vandana Advani, B.A. Public Relations


    Spring of 2001
    Florece Mitchell, B.S. Hospitality and Tourism Management
    Isabelita Marie Strong, B.S. Electrical Engineering Technology, Purdue Calumet
    Araceli Sanchez Carrasco, B.S. Business Management
    Charlene Mounsamruath Keller, Doctor of Pharmacy
    Karla Mina, B.A. Communication

    Summer of 2000
    Angelica Gutierrez Mellouk, B.S. Audio and Speech Science, B.A. Foreign Languages


    Spring of 2000
    Trinidad Lopez Padilla, B.S. Audiology and Speech Science, M.S. Speech Language Pathology (2003)
    Mayra Chaz Cardona Banos, B.A. Physical Education, M.S. Occupational Therapy
    Desiree Montano Rosario, A.S. Business Administration, B.S. Human Resources, Purdue Calumet (2001)
    Alisia Munoz Munoz, B.S. Medical Technology


    Spring of 1999
    Farawahida Mdnzri, B.S. Electrical Engineering
    Danielle Ramirez, B.S. Consumer and Homemaking Education
    Maria Theresa Carino, B.A. Communication and Sociology
    Amy Campbell, B.A. Spanish Education
    Hana Shatara, B.S. Food Science


    Fall of 1998
    Shea Rouselle, B.A. Photography


    Spring of 1998
    Roopa Modur, B.S. Management, M.A. Public Policies (University of Chicago, 2009)


    Fall of 1997
    Loha Pereria, B.A. Communications, Minor in Psychology


    Spring of 1997
    Jennifer Ludlow Hemphill, B.S. Movement and Sport Science, M.A. Gerontology (UNC - Charlotte 2000)
    Cynthia Vinasco, B.A. Communication and Public Relations
    Rosana Girald, VMD - Doctor of Veterinary Medicine


    Summer of 1996
    Jocelyn Borrero, B.A. Communications, Minor in Tourism


    Spring of 1996
    Evalisse "BiBi" Quinones, B.S. Business Management
    Precious Vargas, B.S. Organizational Leadership and Supervision, Purdue Calumet
    Maria Lugo, B.S. Agricultural Sciences
    Penelope Lora Ramirez, B.S. Aeronautical Engineering


    Spring of 1995
    Anna L. Gonzalez, B.S. Organizational Leadership and Supervision
    Yolanda Esparza, B.A. Physical Education/Health Promotion, M.A. Social Work (Our Lady of the Lake University)
    Denise Vasquez, B.S. Animal Science
    Rafaela Romero-Santana, B.A. Spanish, M.A. Spanish (1998)
    Jennifer Krasnick Boswell, B.A. Psychology


    Spring of 1994
    Giselle Andolz, B.S. Management, B.A. Social Studies Education (2003)
    Nahir Gonzalez, B.S. Management with a specialization in Marketing


    Spring of 1993
    Monica Santiago, B.A. Law and Society, Juris Doctorate J.D. (Northwestern School of Law, 1996)
    Laura Mejia Ayala, B.A. Visual Communication Design
    Guadalupe Acevez Cavazos, B.A. Communication
    Rosa Ana Fernandez-Mills, B.S. Management and Finance


    Fall of 1992
    Sylvia Medellin, B.S. General Management
    Rosita Serrano-Severin, B.A. Political Science, Juris Doctorate